Our aim in our manufacturing, production, delivery and recycling of our products is to do so in a manner that considers the effects on the environment and what we can do to minimise this. 

This is why in our fabric, packaging, manufacturing, post-use and community contributions we have considered the alternative to what other organisations do.

But, to be honest at the end of the day, no purchase is the most sustainable one.

Swimwear Fabrics

Our sustainable techno-fabric, made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon consisting of 78% recycled polyamide (from plastics and fishing nets) and 22% elastane. All fabric is manufactured in Italy.

Thanks to its innovative construction, our fabric is twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils than competitors’ fabrics. 

Apparel Fabrics

Our apparel is all made from natural 100% cotton in an Ethical Accredited Australia factory in Melbourne, Australia. 


    Our packaging consists of a recycled kraft box which is decorated with eco ink with recycled white tissue paper and our eco mailer bags made from 100% recycled poly also decorated with eco ink. The source for all materials can be provided upon request. 

    Once again, we are not saying this is 100% sustainable as the most sustainable purchase is no purchase at all. Compared to most swimwear brands we use a more eco-friendly option in all our packaging. 


    Our swimwear is manufactured in an ethical grade factory. We had the factory audited by Intertek - auditors for 30,295 factories in apparel worldwide.

    Our factory sits at 87% in the green for ethics, sustainability, staff, processes, work hours, operations, emergencies etc. That is, 87% higher standards than the average apparel factory. The factory audit can be provided upon request.

    The One Planet Fund

    Two Sparrow Australia Sustainable Swimwear - Full Circle Sustainability via the One Planet Fund

    We don't just ensure sustainability in our fabrics, manufacturing and packaging but we also contribute to the Two Sparrow One Planet Fund. 

    The One Planet Fund has been created to ensure we are also giving back to the community and contributing to a variety of projects.

    Our current project is contributing to cleaning the ocean and coastlines of plastic while working to stop the inflow of plastic by helping to change consumer consumption habits.

    Every single purchase contributes to this important cause, and as we evolve so will the projects that we contribute to, so far we have helped remove 1 pound of plastic from the ocean.

    If you have any questions about how and why we consider ourselves a more sustainable option, please feel free to reach us at hello@twosparrow.com.au 

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